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seal kit Danfoss
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Having extensive experience in sealing technology, we chose the best quality products. Of course at a reasonable price.
These include: sealing sets for telescopic actuators (EDBRO, HYVA, Georg), seals for rotary movements (BAHD, BABSL, COMBI, RWDR, WDR-AS), static seals (O-rings, K85, K84, K83, SSA), power hydraulics seals (KASTAS, Artic seals, Dichtomatik, Trelleborg, Simrit, Merkel), pneumatic seals (Kastas), Goetze Federal Mogul, guide sleeves (TUP1, TUP2, BRM)
Rod seal RSP 12x18x2,5 B0 [2ERSP453] Rod seal RSP 12x18x2,5 B0 [2ERSP453]
New PU
Brand: Artic seals Model: RSP 0120 0180 025 B0
Rod seal RSP 12x18x2,5 B0 [2ERSP453] Brand: Artic seals Model: RSP 0120 0180 025 B0
Brand: OEM Model: HRC 45 55 50
Bushing HRC 45x55x50 [BX] Brand: OEM Model: HRC 45 55 50
Brand: OEM Model: HRC 50 65 35
Bushing HRC 50x65x35 [BX] Brand: OEM Model: HRC 50 65 35
Brand: OEM Model: HRC 60 70 40
Bushing HRC 60x70x40 [BX] Brand: OEM Model: HRC 60 70 40
Brand: OEM Model: HRC 40 55 50
Bushing HRC 40x55x50 [BX] Brand: OEM Model: HRC 40 55 50
Brand: Artic seals Model: MAE 1000 1050 013 L1
Back up ring MAE 100x105x1,3 L1 Brand: Artic seals Model: MAE 1000 1050 013 L1
As described above, the sealing with O-Ring is the simplest and the most economic solution for not heavy working conditions. But when there are high p..
Brand: Artic seals Model: RSB 0500 0650 115 C0
Rod seal RSB 50x65x11,5 PU Brand: Artic seals Model: RSB 0500 0650 115 C0
The RSB ring is a rod seal of a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, which on the dynamic side presents a multifunctional double lip. Product advantages..
Brand: SOG Model: 410205N
bi-directional an open metal case located on the seal face prevents it from deforming under high pressures typical applications: hydraulic motors,..

Model Name Stock Image
RSP 0120 0180 025 B0 Rod seal RSP 12x18x2,5 B0 [2ERSP453] 150 Rod seal RSP 12x18x2,5 B0 [2ERSP453]
HRC 45 55 50 Bushing HRC 45x55x50 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 45x55x50 [BX]
HRC 50 65 35 Bushing HRC 50x65x35 [BX] 4 Bushing HRC 50x65x35 [BX]
HRC 60 70 40 Bushing HRC 60x70x40 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 60x70x40 [BX]
HRC 40 55 50 Bushing HRC 40x55x50 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 40x55x50 [BX]
HRC 50 60 80 Bushing HRC 50x60x80 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 50x60x80 [BX]
HRC 80 90 55 Bushing HRC 80x90x55 [BX] 4 Bushing HRC 80x90x55 [BX]
HRC 65 75 60 Bushing HRC 65x75x60 [BX] 6 Bushing HRC 65x75x60 [BX]
HRC 80 95 60 Bushing HRC 80x95x60 [BX] 6 Bushing HRC 80x95x60 [BX]
HRC 80 90 90 Bushing HRC 80x90x90 [BX] 4 Bushing HRC 80x90x90 [BX]
HRC 80 95 85 Bushing HRC 80x95x85 [BX] 4 Bushing HRC 80x95x85 [BX]
HRC 80 95 100 Bushing HRC 80x95x100 [BX] 9 Bushing HRC 80x95x100 [BX]
HRC 95 105 100 Bushing HRC 95x105x100 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 95x105x100 [BX]
48004498 Bushing EB65.01 160x180x150 request Bushing EB65.01 160x180x150
HRC 40 50 30 Bushing HRC 40x50x30 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 40x50x30 [BX]
HRC 35 50 50 Bushing HRC 35x50x50 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 35x50x50 [BX]
HRC 35 40 30 Bushing HRC 35x40x30 [BX] 4 Bushing HRC 35x40x30 [BX]
HRC 25 35 30 Bushing HRC 25x35x30 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 25x35x30 [BX]
48004375 Bushing BRS 30x35x16 2 Bushing BRS 30x35x16
48004440 Bushing E90 90x95x40 5 Bushing E90 90x95x40
48004439 Bushing E90F 120x125x60 5 Bushing E90F 120x125x60
48004441 Bushing E90 70x75x70 10 Bushing E90 70x75x70
HRC 30 40 20 Bushing HRC 30x40x20 [BX] 10 Bushing HRC 30x40x20 [BX]
HRC 35 45 40 Bushing HRC 35x45x40 8 Bushing HRC 35x45x40
HRC 40 50 60 Bushing HRC 40x50x60 8 Bushing HRC 40x50x60
HRC 50 60 35 Bushing HRC 50x60x35 8 Bushing HRC 50x60x35
HRC 60 72 70 Bushing HRC 60x72x70 5 Bushing HRC 60x72x70
HRC 60 80 80 Bushing HRC 60x80x80 11 Bushing HRC 60x80x80
HRC 60 70 90 Bushing HRC 60x70x90 4 Bushing HRC 60x70x90
HRC 90 106 90 Bushing HRC 90x106x90 5 Bushing HRC 90x106x90
HRC 100 120 120 Bushing HRC 100x120x120 5 Bushing HRC 100x120x120
48004433 O-ring 31x4 >NBR90< 200 O-ring 31x4 >NBR90<
48004383 O-ring 32x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 20 O-ring 32x2,5 FPM80  BROWN
48004451 O-ring 93x4 NBR70 170 O-ring 93x4 NBR70
48004377 O-ring 152x3 NBR70 50 O-ring 152x3 NBR70
48004462 O-ring 38x2 FPM75 BROWN 10 O-ring 38x2 FPM75 BROWN
48004392 O-ring 24x3,5 FPM75 BROWN 10 O-ring 24x3,5 FPM75 BROWN
48004385 O-ring 52x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 20 O-ring 52x2,5 FPM80  BROWN
48004448 O-ring 44x6 EPDM70 request O-ring 44x6 EPDM70
48004466 O-ring 22x3,5 EPDM70 400 O-ring 22x3,5 EPDM70
48004376 O-ring 44x2 EPDM70 400 O-ring 44x2 EPDM70
48004464 O-ring 50x2,5 FPM80 BLACK 10 O-ring 50x2,5 FPM80 BLACK
48004386 O-ring 38x3,5 FPM80 BROWN 74 O-ring 38x3,5 FPM80  BROWN
48004380 O-ring 56x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 30 O-ring 56x2,5 FPM80  BROWN
48004399 O-ring 62x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 30 O-ring 62x2,5 FPM80 BROWN
48004431 O-ring 12x3,2 NBR70 1190 O-ring 12x3,2 NBR70
48004445 O-ring 34x1 NBR70 790 O-ring 34x1 NBR70
48004382 O-ring 65x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 20 O-ring 65x2,5 FPM80  BROWN
48004397 O-ring 100x5 EPDM70 20 O-ring 100x5 EPDM70
48004457 O-ring 62,4x1 FPM70 BLACK 27 O-ring 62,4x1 FPM70 BLACK
48004384 O-ring 109x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 10 O-ring 109x2,5 FPM80  BROWN
48007385 O-ring 100x2,5 FPM80 BROWN 5 O-ring 100x2,5 FPM80 BROWN
48004395 O-ring 51x4,5 FPM75 BLACK request O-ring 51x4,5 FPM75 BLACK
48004449 O-ring 44x6 FPM80 BROWN 5 O-ring 44x6 FPM80 BROWN
48004469 O-ring 318x3 NBR70 25 O-ring 318x3 NBR70
48004452 O-ring 285x6 NBR70 50 O-ring 285x6 NBR70
48004450 O-ring 295x6 NBR70 60 O-ring 295x6 NBR70
48004465 O-ring 234,32x5,33 VMQ70 5 O-ring 234,32x5,33 VMQ70
48004387 O-ring 67,2x5,7 FPM80 BROWN request O-ring 67,2x5,7 FPM80  BROWN
48004394 O-ring 63x6 FPM75 BLACK request O-ring 63x6 FPM75 BLACK
48004367 O-ring 107x4,5 FPM80 BROWN request O-ring 107x4,5 FPM80 BROWN
48004434 O-ring 85x5,3 FPM80 BROWN request O-ring 85x5,3 FPM80 BROWN
48004400 O-ring 323,85x5,33 EPDM70 request O-ring 323,85x5,33 EPDM70
48004455 O-ring 12x1 >NBR90< 1300 O-ring 12x1 >NBR90<
48004456 O-ring 2x1 >NBR90< 2000 O-ring 2x1 >NBR90<
48004454 O-ring 2,57x1,78 >NBR90< 3300 O-ring 2,57x1,78 >NBR90<
48004470 O-ring 214x3 FPM80 BROWN request O-ring 214x3 FPM80 BROWN
48004435 O-ring 109,54x5,33 FPM80 BROWN request O-ring 109,54x5,33 FPM80 BROWN
48004468 O-ring 604x3 NBR70 request O-ring 604x3 NBR70
48004393 O-ring 232x4,5 FPM75 BROWN request O-ring 232x4,5 FPM75 BROWN
48004388 O-ring 537x7 NBR80 2 O-ring 537x7 NBR80
48004396 O-ring 305x4,5 FPM75 GREEN request O-ring 305x4,5 FPM75 GREEN
48004432 O-ring 10,5x1,5 NBR70 3990 O-ring 10,5x1,5 NBR70
48004460 Tube weldable end GF 45 D0 4 Tube weldable end GF 45 D0
A202-020 PU Wiper A202 20x28,6x7/5 PU 146 Wiper A202 20x28,6x7/5 PU
A202-020/2 PU Wiper A202 20x28,3x7/4,7 PU 20 Wiper A202 20x28,3x7/4,7 PU
A202-025 PU Wiper A202 25x33,6x7/5 PU 900 Wiper A202 25x33,6x7/5 PU
A202-022 PU Wiper A202 22x30,6x7/5 PU 150 Wiper A202 22x30,6x7/5 PU
A202-012/2 PU Wiper A202 12x18,6x5/3,5 PU 70 Wiper A202 12x18,6x5/3,5 PU
A202-012 PU Wiper A202 12x18,6x5,5/3,4 PU 70 Wiper A202 12x18,6x5,5/3,4 PU
A202-036 PU Wiper A202 36x44,6x7/5 PU 18 Wiper A202 36x44,6x7/5 PU
A202-035 PU Wiper A202 35x43,6x7/5 PU 20 Wiper A202 35x43,6x7/5 PU
A202-030 PU Wiper A202 30x38,6x7/5 PU 20 Wiper A202 30x38,6x7/5 PU
A202-010/4 PU Wiper A202 10x16x5/3,5 PU 70 Wiper A202 10x16x5/3,5 PU
A202-018 PU Wiper A202 18x26,6x7/5 PU 270 Wiper A202 18x26,6x7/5 PU
A202-016 PU Wiper A202 16x24,6x7/5 PU 70 Wiper A202 16x24,6x7/5 PU
A202-022/1 PU Wiper A202 22x30,2x3,5/2 PU 20 Wiper A202 22x30,2x3,5/2 PU
A202-020/3 PU Wiper A202 20x30x7/5 PU 50 Wiper A202 20x30x7/5 PU
A202-021 PU Wiper A202 21x26x5/3,2 PU 20 Wiper A202 21x26x5/3,2 PU
A202-020/5 PU Wiper A202 20x28x7/5 PU 20 Wiper A202 20x28x7/5 PU
A202-020/4 PU Wiper A202 20x26x5/3 PU 20 Wiper A202 20x26x5/3 PU
A202-020/1 PU Wiper A202 20x25x6/4 PU 20 Wiper A202 20x25x6/4 PU
A202-016/4 PU Wiper A202 16x22,6x5/3 PU 70 Wiper A202 16x22,6x5/3 PU
A202-016/5 PU Wiper A202 16x22x5,5/3,4 PU 70 Wiper A202 16x22x5,5/3,4 PU
A202-015/2 PU Wiper A202 15x21,6x5,5/3,5 PU 70 Wiper A202 15x21,6x5,5/3,5 PU
A202-014/1 PU Wiper A202 14x20,6x5/3,5 PU 70 Wiper A202 14x20,6x5/3,5 PU
A202-014 PU Wiper A202 14x18,6x3,3/2 PU 50 Wiper A202 14x18,6x3,3/2 PU
A202-040 PU Wiper A202 40x48,6x7/5 PU 9 Wiper A202 40x48,6x7/5 PU
A202-028/5 PU Wiper A202 28,58x38,1x7,14/4,46 PU 20 Wiper A202 28,58x38,1x7,14/4,46 PU
A202-028 PU Wiper A202 28x36,6x7/5 PU 10 Wiper A202 28x36,6x7/5 PU

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