Shaft seals description of properties - Pressure.

If we consider the usual design of the shaft seal - metal frame, rubber lip with a bracelet spring. Typically, these seals can withstand the leakage of working fluid.
Below are the nominal data of pressure dependence on the oil seals type:

Type DrawingPressure avg.
Pulse Pressure max.
Velocity max. m/s
Material for rating
AS 0,05 MPa / 5 bar 0,05 MPa / 5 bar   NBR WAS, BASL, TC, DGS, RST, CC, RP
ASY 3,5 Bar 7 Bar 9 FPM BABSL, WASY, RST-D
PPS 5 Bar 25 Bar 15 FPM PPS1, PPS2, PPS3
BAHD 120 Bar 170 Bar 2 NBR  
HLPS 150 Bar 200 Bar 1,5 HNBR  

Below are the positions corresponding to this description: